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Soilcare Unit
A new and innovative product for the Australian market, the Soilcare Unit is the right step forward for cost effective, environmentally friendly and chemical-free irrigation of you farm.

AUVS are the Australian distributors of the Soilcare Unit which is manufactured by Puricare International of George, South Africa.
Farming for the future starts with restoring and maintaining soil, since it takes good soil to produce good food. The Soilcare Unit focuses on the development of agricultural water treatment technology which optimises the factors associated with irrigation water quality. The unit utilises UV activated oxygen technology and advanced oxidation processes (AOP) to improve water quality, clean irrigation systems and create a more aerobic soil environment with improved physical, chemical and microbial components.
Some of the benefits of the using the unit include;

Cleaner irrigation system
Restoration of soil organisms and micro-flora
Improved water filtration
Uniform green crops
Improved water quality
Reduced soil compaction
Increased root bio-mass
Energy savings

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